Monday 6th March 2006

I need to bring in help with the den. The project is becoming quite ambitious and I don’t think I will be able to manage it on my own. I did try dragging a big stick back from our walk yesterday but it is going to be a very slow process. It really doesn’t help when I stop to chew the stick on route but very often they are hard to resist. I’m really looking to be the manager of the project and find someone else to do all the hard work. I will tell them where I want all the pieces of wood and what the end result should look like. I do keep changing my mind about the size and shape, do you think I need to finally decide that before the work begins or will it matter if I change my mind part way through the construction? I’m not good with stairs so I definitely want it all on one level, although as I get bigger I am finding my back legs are quite springy, so I could jump up as long as it wasn’t too high. Either way, I need enough headroom inside to do some bouncing, it seems quite a fun way to pass the time. Perhaps I should stop reading Winnie the Pooh.

I have been wondering why humans eat so many different types of food. It is quite simple for me. I have dried dog food for breakfast, dried dog food for lunch and dried dog food for tea. I am always excited to see it and within seconds it is gone. What is more I get all the right vitamins and nutrients without having to think about how many portions of fruit and vegetables I have eaten. One shopping trip for one bag of food every few weeks, no wasted food, no wasted time cooking, no wasted time doing lots of shopping, no money wasted on a cooker and a microwave, a food blender, knives and forks, saucepans and so the list goes on. Why are humans so stupid? Why do they make it so difficult for themselves? I hear the mistress ask the master what he wants for tea and then he suggests something they haven’t got. What is the point? I’m sure he could still have his beer with a bowl of ‘human food’ a dry food with all the right nutrients for humans. As with my dog food they could have different ones for all the different stages of development, with a little chart on the back saying how much you should feed for each age and size of human. OK so I am occasionally found begging for off morsels of their wonderful smelling human food and I am partial to the odd dog biscuit but basically I think the point is valid. Humans waste an awful lot of time, money and energy on things they could do so much more simply.


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