Friday 10th March 2006

When I am not busy on the computer I enjoy sitting in the office just gazing out of the window. I have a great vantage point, I can see both the back garden gate and the front door. It gives me double the opportunities to growl in a very unconvincing manner at anyone going past or coming to the front door. I am trying to perfect a menacing growl but it just isn’t working at the moment.

Funny thing watching Star Wars, now it may just be me but have you noticed that if you see the start of a fight scene to find who is involved, you can then go and do something else for fifteen minutes and get back in time to find who won and feel as though you have missed absolutely nothing. I said that to the master but he seemed to think I was missing the point. I don’t understand this whole human and fighting thing, although it seems to be that it is only male humans who get it. Perhaps my mistress is normal after all.

There is nothing like an evening sat by the fireside all doing a ‘Murder Mystery Jigsaw’ together. So that is exactly what we did. My mistress and master worked on a 999 piece jigsaw whilst I created my own 2 piece one out of the remaining piece. It wasn’t meant to happen that way but they kept ignoring all my suggestions of where to put the pieces and it all got very frustrating. So I took a piece and held it hostage. Then I sent them a little ransom note saying if they didn’t take some notice of me then I was going to cut off the corner of the piece I had taken. Well they didn’t believe me which meant even though I didn’t really want to I had to carry out my threat, so I chewed the corner off. I felt guilty straight away so I carefully nudged the two ends together in the hope they would think I was trying to help rather than spoil their fun. I am not sure whether it was a vital clue that I decided to work on as they haven’t finished the rest of the jigsaw yet but despite my attempt to help they really didn’t seem awfully pleased. I was also somewhat disappointed to find that the master totally refused to share his Jaffa Cakes, which in fairness was what led me to steal the piece of jigsaw in the first place. Share and share alike, they are always welcome to play with my toys and could join in eating my food if they were ever quick enough!


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