Tuesday 21st March 2006

Now where was I in telling you the story of my exciting Sunday. Oh yes. Back at the car outside the service station I was given a lunch of dog food and water which soon stopped me feeling bad about the pile I had left in protest on the service station floor. Then we continued the journey to the airport. The first thing I noticed was the decided absence of green. There appeared to be absolutely no grass except on the rood of one building, very strange. It was just concrete everywhere. It didn’t seem very well designed from a dog’s perspective. There were trolleys to watch out for and people who didn’t generally look at my level to see if they were running into me. Worst of all, every time I lay down it was hard finding a spot where my nose, paws and tail were not exposed to passing feet and trolley wheels. I was watching everything as carefully as possible so that I will know what to do when they let me travel on my own. There are special check-in machines that you insert your passport to get your booking to come up, but I am going to have difficulty reaching to follow the instructions on the screen. The whole process was very well set up for James and the nice people took lots of time and trouble to make sure he was looked after. I even made one or two new friends including a lovely man who said he wasn’t allowed a dog where he lived and made a real fuss of me. I wondered if I went home with him whether he would give me a bacon double cheeseburger. It was all very exciting and very tiring. I think the best bit was sitting watching the people go by. It made me go back to my earlier idea of being a fashion consultant. Now to be fair if I started on my mistress I would have my work cut out but at least she doesn’t go out in public wearing something that looks more like pyjamas or in clothes that clearly don’t fit her. She has no fashion sense but she is generally not embarrassing, scruffy yes, but not downright embarrassing.

I waved my paw to James as he went through and then felt really sad wondering what I am going to do for a playmate until he comes back in three weeks. We all felt a bit low saying goodbye so we stayed around the airport until his plane took off and then headed back to the car. Ironically he rang to say he had got home before we had even managed to drive home ourselves. I whimpered a bit on the way home feeling sad that I didn’t have anyone to sit next to in the car but on the whole I was so tired I just slept until we got back. What was funny was that when we got home the mistress went upstairs to take the sheets off the bed for washing and as always left me downstairs to play for a few minutes. Well I wasn’t having any of it. Not now I have learnt to do stairs. So when she wasn’t looking I followed her up and made her jump by tapping her on the leg when she wasn’t expecting it. One minor problem is that I cannot walk down the stairs at home yet, so if I try that one at the wrong time I am going to be stuck until someone comes and finds me. I had better make sure it doesn’t happen at meal times!


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