Thursday 20th April 2006

It would seem that the car has shrunk. Now my mistress’s car wasn’t large but we did both fit into it. I could sit facing forwards or sidewards quite comfortably. Now that the car has shrunk I can’t lie facing forwards as I fall off the seat and my seatbelt is a bit restrictive for sitting up. So there is nothing else for it but to lie sideways which involves having my right front paw round the gear stick and my head on the handbrake. It wouldn’t be too uncomfortable if my mistress could only learn to drive without changing gear. I have offered to do it for her but she says she would rather do it herself, some people are so ungrateful. Don’t say I didn’t offer. She is even starting to think she may have to change car just for me, although she also muttered something about going out and leaving me behind but I’m sure she can’t have meant that!

I’m feeling a bit tired and emotional after my injection the other day, or it may be the stress of worrying about my operation. Either way I am planning a lazy day with not too much running round, although I can’t resist going slightly mad every time I spot pink rhino lying somewhere. I think it’s the combination of his colour and soft squidgy shape, it really is very attractive to a puppy. I mistakenly tried to play with the orange furry turtle but it turned out that wasn’t for me and nearly caused a few tears. How was I to know? It looked quite like my furry squeaky toy from a distance, admittedly it was on Andy’s bed and not mine but it was a simple mistake and I didn’t do any harm. I didn’t have time to really get my teeth into it.

Squirrel and I have decided to go on our picnic on Saturday after I have been to see hedgehog. I asked if she wanted to come with me but she said as he would be out in a couple of weeks and she felt so uncomfortable when they locked all the doors behind her, she would rather just meet me afterwards. I know what she means. It can feel very scary being locked in, I always wonder whether they would ever just leave me there and not let me go home. It is going to be an important couple of weeks with hedgehog’s release and the result of the Forest Council Planning Meeting. By this time next week I might be able to start building my den and then before I know it hedgehog will be able to help.


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