Thursday 11th May 2006

I fell asleep through the football last night so only had the mood my master was in afterwards to work out what the result was. Strangely he seemed in good spirits and was consoling himself that they hadn’t lost as badly as they had to other teams this season. I guess it’s always good to see the positives. Apparently even when they were four nil down with only four minutes to go my master was still convinced they could score five and win. So if you score no goals in 86 minutes how likely is it you will score 5 in 4 minutes? The happy mood soon faded into words I can’t repeat here as the reality of the situation kicked in. Ah well!

Hedgehog has now put together a more detailed plan for his youth club. He wants it to be for any young animal that according to it’s species has not yet achieved adulthood but which is fully weaned and able to feed and take care of itself. I realise that may seem a little long winded to a human where the term ‘youth’ is easier to define but we needed something a little less specific as we don’t all grow up at the same rate. Anyway he is planning to hold it on a Tuesday afternoon and evening in a clearing on our side of the wood. He is going to use some of his savings to help set it up and assured me that the money had not come from crime, though he wouldn’t go as far as to say where it had come from. He is going to start it on Tuesday 16th May. He is also trying to draw up a plan of how he can pay back some of the money he stole over the years but that is not quite as straightforward. You can just imaging the scene. There is hedgehog ringing the bell and when the door opens he says ‘Excuse me I stole your treasured belongings several years ago and sold them. Here is the money I got for them. I’m sorry.’ Some animals might be understanding but if what had been sold was a treasured item and the amount he had sold it for was not much, well all in all I think they might be less than impressed. I guess the first problem is making sure it is still the same animals living there that he stole from in the first place. I suggested he could ask Police Badger for some advice on how to do it but he didn’t seem keen.

Today is one of the sorts of days that you circle on the calendar and remember to tell your children. What you might ask was so special about this morning? I managed to cock my leg when I peed without falling over. That is a very important step forward, or standing still as the case may be, for a male puppy. I now feel that I have grown up.


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