Tuesday 30th May 2006

I think I am probably growing again. All I wanted to do yesterday was sleep. Nicole and Harry called round to see if I wanted to go and help and decorate the bit of wood that we use for youth club and it was as much as I could do to drag myself out. Fortunately they don’t walk very fast, well Harry doesn’t anyway. Nicole spends her life running up and down trees as we go along. I have offered to give Harry a ride but he says if it’s all the same to me he would rather walk. He is not very keen on the idea on being up so high. Nicole climbs onto my back every so often so that we can run along together but we can’t do that when we are with Harry.

Have you ever tried decorating a bit of the outdoors? I don’t think it was just that that particular bit was difficult, I think any bit would have been hard. First you sweep the leaves out of the way, then you turn round to find they have come back. Harry wanted to build some sort of shelter so that if it rains it doesn’t spoil some of the games. He needed me to fetch some sticks for us and Nicole to climb up the tree trunks to tie them in position. We must have looked a funny site, me trying to hold them as high as I could and stay still long enough for Nicole to secure them. Harry just stood and directed proceedings and said he was the one with ‘the vision’. If I hadn’t been tired before we started I certainly would have been by the end.  We didn’t manage to do very much but at least we made a start.

I went home and curled up and went back to sleep. I may be sleepy because my mistress has got the central heating working again. Well when I say she has got it working that is in the sense of ‘picked up the phone and rung somebody who has come and done it’, she didn’t actually do it herself. The irony of it is that it now works better than it worked all last winter and the whole house is lovely and warm. I am spoilt for choice on where I would like to curl up. Even the office, in the house, is warm and last winter it was so cold my mistress sat and worked wrapped in a duvet and I had to keep trotting round in circles to keep warm. Now I just have to decide ‘do I want to sleep in front of the radiator on the left of the window or the one on the right?’ It really is a hard life being a dog.


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