Tuesday 4th July 2006

I will say one thing for beavers, they don’t hang round. There is an expectation with building work that it will not run to time, will be over budget and that corners will be cut. With the beavers it is more a question of corners being chewed, but apart from that they are remarkably efficient workers. It actually looks as though the Woodland Centre will be finished on schedule, which part of me is pleased about. The grand opening is scheduled for the first weekend in August so there is only a month to go.

Yesterday was far from being a good day. Now I know the wedding is in England and I understand that my passport doesn’t let me go yet but I had sort of assumed I would get to stay at home on my own. I know where the dog food is and as long as they leave the back door open I could let myself out when I wanted to. Don’t they trust me? Apparently I have to go and stay with the nice lady with MacKenzie that I have visited a couple of times. My mistress reassured me that they would not be away long and would be home to me before I knew it. I just looked at her with my ‘do you think I’m stupid?’ look and walked off. How can they be so mean? Don’t they realise I will miss being in my own home particularly if I haven’t got them to play with? When she managed to find me later my mistress explained I could take a favourite toy and I could ring them any time I wanted too. How about right in the middle of the wedding? I bet they wouldn’t talk to their dog then! She wants me to have my bag packed ready first thing on Thursday morning, so we shall just have to wait and see.

Well there was a major incident yesterday when a tree crashed down on a rabbit. Poor rabbit didn’t stand much chance and despite the best endeavours of the para-medic stoats there was little that could be done. Although we were all very upset we didn’t think too much more about it until part way through the afternoon the police badger turned up to see Harry with half a dozen orphaned bunnies in tow. It turns out that there mum had died a while ago and their dad had been bringing them up until the incident with the tree. Well police badger knowing that Harry is going to run the Woodland Centre thought that he might like a bit of a headstart and so brought the bunnies to him. Well Harry’s pile of leaves is not awfully big, and by the time six energetic young bunnies have bounced on it, it isn’t very identifiable as a house. Harry of course said he would do what he could and the bunnies despite their bouncing were clearly very upset. So there I left them, one hedgehog and six orphaned rabbits trying to make the best of the corner of the garden.


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