Sunday 23rd July 2006

Once Chloe left yesterday I just moped around. I felt absolutely lost, even thought she had only been here for a couple of days. Every so often I would find one of her hairs on something and sigh. Her hair really does get everywhere! I didn’t even feel hungry, which is quite unlike me. She had taken a photo of me using her phone and we had got one of the other dogs to take a picture of the two of us together. I do hope she emails them to me. I tried to spend the time focussing on the good things and thinking about the fact that if all goes according to plan I am going home today. I wish Chloe were here to meet my mistress I think they would like each other. My master was never quite so keen on the bouncyness of my mistress’s bearded collie. Apparently when he was a puppy,(the bearded collie not my master) my master was visiting my mistress and was trying to eat a Chinese takeaway when Sweep (that was my mistress’s bearded collie’s name) decided it was a good time to bounce onto his lap and bounced straight into his plate of food. I can’t imagine my master would have taken that very well even from a little fluffy bundle of puppy! The long and the short of it is that I think my mistress would be more pleased about my bringing a bearded collie home than my master would be. I wonder if she would be able to come round sometime?

I wasn’t sure whether to pack my things up early this time. I really can’t face the disappointment of them not coming to pick me up again. I could see all the other dogs watching me as I trotted past the window, just to have a look I really don’t want them all to make fun of me again. Perhaps I should pretend I don’t care, then at least no one will see that I’m hurting. It really is only natural for a dog to want to see his master and mistress, I really ought to be able to get excited without the worry of what the other dogs will think of me. I suppose it is the fear of looking stupid, no one likes to be made to look stupid. I am almost certain they said that they would definitely be here for me today and I know that they said it would be evening but you can’t blame me for holding out a hope that they might surprise me and come early.


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