Monday 24th July 2006

Well diary I am happy to say that I am home. My mistress and master picked me up yesterday evening after what was for me a very long day of worry. I had told myself that when I saw them I wasn’t going to show my excitement I was going to play it cool. But I’m a dog not a cat. I bounced all over them and my mistress wouldn’t stop hugging me, she was so pleased to see me. It’s funny thinking that I could have thought they didn’t love me. I wonder how long it will take before she gets fed up with my not wanting to let her out of my sight. She actually seems to be rather enjoying it at the minute. I told her all the worries I had had, that they didn’t need me anymore and that they might not come back for me. She told me I must never think things like that and I would always be their dog and they loved me. I was wondering if I could use it to negotiate any increased pocket money or the occasional sleep on their bed but maybe I’m pushing my luck.

Once all the fuss was over I wandered down to the wood, just to make sure it was still there and called in on Harry on the way. He was having a bit of a clear out ahead of moving and searching round for some containers to pack things in. It is a bit hard when you are a hedgehog to find cartons that are small enough to be able to carry but big enough to pack things in. So I said why didn’t he use some boxes that were a bit bigger and then I would act as his ‘removals man’ when it came to moving. He laughed a bit and then hugged me. Being hugged by a hedgehog is not the easiest of processes if you are to avoid being hurt. When I got to the wood Nicole was busy writing little notes to her friends to say she is moving, she seems worried that the redirection of post might not be that effective. I laughed and said even when you give the right address it doesn’t mean things will get to you ok. My mistress ordered something in the middle of June that she needed for the wedding but it ‘got lost’ somewhere. It was actually quite funny, for me rather than her, as they told her they would send it again if the original one didn’t turn up by the end of July. Which didn’t really help as the wedding was in the middle of July and she would need to buy it from somewhere else in the meantime. She didn’t laugh when I reminded her that she usually says ‘it is always useful to have a spare.’


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