Friday 11th August 2006

Well the moles have been undertaking what I can only think is their equivalent of ‘the Olympics’. There are lines where they have tried the 100 metres, the 200 metres and holes for the long jump, triple jump and high jump. I don’t know who the winners were but it certainly isn’t us! I am thinking of going on night watch duty to see if I can catch them at it. I have even thought of going and asking Matilda the cat whether she is free to come round and help me catch them. At the end of the day, if anyone is going to dig in this garden it is going to be me, and only me.

Don’t you just hate it when people start to realise just how shallow you are. Until now I have maintained the impression with my mistress that I am quite bright and that I think quite a bit about what goes on. I think about my food, her food, my master’s food and basically any food dropped in an accessible place either deliberately or accidentally. I think a lot about plates left in places I can reach them and I think about going to the supermarket. I think about my bowl when it is full and think about it sadly when it is empty. Unfortunately my mistress has started to work out that that is the extent of my thinking. She thought I was musing on the state of the economy, world peace and the importance of education and health. Who is she kidding? Food! That is basically the long and short of it. I am a dog and I am male, what more did she expect? Maybe beer and football, but they aren’t so much dog things.

If I am quite honest I am at a bit of a loose end without everyone around. Well when I say everyone, James is only one person but it just felt like more. Now I am left with adults that sometimes have other things to do than play with me and make a fuss of me and it really isn’t the same. I tried playing with the giant dominoes and the giant chess pieces on my own but I kept losing, so that wasn’t much fun. I wanted to try out the cookie cutters but my mistress said we would have to do that together. Something about them being a bit small for my paws but I think the real reason is that she knew I would eat all the mixture. So, she was probably right but did she really have to rumble me that quickly?


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