Sunday 3rd September 2006

I sat daydreaming earlier. It is amazing how little time I had for daydreaming with the children around. Anyway, there I was dreaming about sunshine and running through fields of rabbits, it was all going very well until the rabbits started to develop mole faces. Then they all started digging in unison and I couldn’t get back across the field I had chased them through to get home. To be honest I may have fallen asleep altogether as usually day dreams are nice things that you can steer where you want them to go and mine almost always end with being allowed to rummage through the food cupboard and help myself to anything I fancy.

I had a bit of a poorly tummy last week, and to be honest it has left me with a bit of a wind problem. When I say a ‘a bit’ of a wind problem what I actually mean is that I don’t want to be in the same room as my rear end. It is times like these you really wish you didn’t have such an acute sense of smell. I have tried pretending it isn’t me but as the smell goes wherever I do, no one is fooled! I have been sent to my room several times, which is so unfair. I can understand the thinking but would they not think to open a window in there for me? It’s awful. On a more cheery note Andrew taught me to climb up to the top floor before he left, so now none of the house is out of bounds. I think my mistress is pleased but I am not absolutely sure. It means I can now get to play on the Playstation which has to be a good thing, particularly for the odd times when I am in on my own. I wish they would get me an up to date one though, perhaps that is what I could ask for, for my birth


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