Sunday 8th October 2006

I have been thinking further of setting up my own political party to campaign for dogs rights. It makes sense to set it up in Belgium rather than England not least because with proportional representation I stand a much better chance of being elected. Besides that in the UK dogs are not allowed in so many places it is ridiculous whereas here we are seen as an important part of the family and would get more sympathy. We will of course be able to lobby the European Parliament to have the laws changed in the UK to allow dogs into restaurants and other public places and end the outdated segregation which is so clearly dogist. There is no better time than a quiet Sunday to try to work out the ideals of a new political party and draw up an action plan. Dogs of the world unite, although you may need a little help from your owners to stop the ensuing chaos!

In the ongoing saga of the jacket for Helen’s birthday it is becoming a little bit like the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. In this version Helen plays the part of Goldilocks and the jackets so far must have been baby bear’s (too small) and daddy bear’s (too large). The shop now have to try and get the mummy bear size from another shop to see if it fits. It wouldn’t be so bad but in having to bring it back last time, my poor master didn’t have enough room in his suitcase to fit the replacement stock of Twiglets he had bought and he has completely run out. Frankly it is amazing he didn’t just tell Helen she would grow into it eventually and then bring the Twiglets back instead of the jacket.


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