Sunday 15th October 2006

Never mind rights to freedom right now I think I will campaign for a central heating system that actually works or fires in more rooms than the lounge. How is a dog supposed to type when the temperature at his desk is only 15 degrees? I know I have a nice fur coat but there are limits to what I will put up with. If I wanted to work in these conditions I would get outdoor work. I hope my Granny and Granddad, the human ones, are bringing lots of warm clothes when they come and see me this week. I am really excited about meeting them as it will be the first time I have. I have talked to them on the phone and exchanged emails but it will be the first time I have been able to bounce all over them. I know they are going to spoil me rotten and I am quite prepared for it. I wonder if they will bring me a present.

One of my sisters has started doing agility training. I want to go too. I did try to persuade my mistress but she reminded me how hopeless we had been in the obedience classes with not understanding many of the words going on around us and to be fair she had a point. Not as bad as it has to be said trying to help sort out next door’s computer proved to be. It is hard enough setting up a computer but when the operating system has accidentally loaded in Dutch it is more a case of guess what button to press. Aren’t computer’s fun?

What made me laugh was looking at the internet to discover how people had managed to find my diary. It turns out some people have searched on the internet for the words ‘diary’ ‘of’ ‘a’ ‘mistress’. Well just imagine how disappointed they must be when all they find is my diary! I can’t imagine it was what was being looked for when the person searched for ‘humans eating acorns’ either. If you are still reading, welcome. So much for my diary being private!


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