Tuesday 17th October 2006

I am so excited as Granny and Grandpa arrive today. They are coming by train and my mistress has to go and pick them up later. What I don’t understand is why my mistress is trying to tire me out before they get here. Sometimes humans are really odd. Earlier my mistress said she was ‘just mad enough to stay sane’. Whilst I think I get the point she was trying to make I think she may have lost the plot altogether if she thinks she has stayed sane. At the point she asked if she might join the PDDP I was almost speechless. After I had got over my first reaction which was to be angry that she had been reading my diary and my second reaction which was, in fact, much the same as the first I started trying to work out how I was going to explain that in terms of the PDDP policies she represented the enemy. Obviously not her personally, she is really very nice to all pets and working animals, unless of course spiders fall into this category in which case may be not quite so nice. Anyway, the whole point of the PDDP is to fight against the injustices brought upon animals by humans and whilst the name is the Pet Dog Democratic Party we shall welcome all animals regardless of creed as long as they are proud to wear the name dog for the purpose of any party political activities. So, in my capacity as party leader I have decided that Sally and all other cats supportive of this noble cause will be eligible to join. My mistress, on the other hand, will not! Animals of the world unite, the future is ours. We will fight injustice in whatever shape it takes, right after our next nap.


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