Wednesday 25th October 2006

The moles seem to have only gone for a doze rather than a hibernate. They had a long enough nap to build up a bit of energy and dig a big mound of earth with it. I think they have gone back to sleep but it may be just a matter of time before the sun shines and they pop up to see what is going on. At least that has answered my question on whether they sleep under our garden or whether they go off somewhere else to another little nest. What that now means is that when the coast is clear it is worth my having a good dig in the garden to see if I can find them. My only anxiety is the fact that I have found a very large bone behind a bush and I am wondering if it might have come from a giant mole. If that is a mole’s leg bone I don’t think I am quite as keen to meet him, but I suppose if it were the holes would be even bigger than they are. The little bit of sunshine that brought the moles out also led my mistress to think it was worth moving the garden solar lights to a sunnier spot to see if that made them work. We now have a line of six either side of a short path. In summer I have no doubt it would look like a football stadium with the floodlights on but since moving them the sky here has been nothing but dense grey cloud and water. Now call me a humble dog but I would have thought by definition ‘solar’ lights are going to need something other than autumnal storms in order to work! Maybe I am missing the point somehow.


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