Tuesday 20th February 2007

There are so many issues you don’t have to deal with as a dog. We get old like everyone else but we don’t have to make decisions for ourselves or for anyone else. It has been tough watching my mistress agonising over what to do for her aunt. I am just working on the basis that it is my job to give her lots of love, take her out for walks and wag my tail just a little more then usual to cheer her up. There was a really good bit in one of the Terry Pratchett audio books that we were listening to in the car, not that I admit to to listening as that would spoil my opportunity to complain. Anyway, the bit I liked is that being very old isn’t that much fun, you get the same amount of adolescence as everyone else but just a lot more of the bit where your body doesn’t work so well. Fortunately, at the moment I am enjoying my adolescence and I intend to make the most of it. My mistress says much the same but seems to have strung hers out a bit as she is now 41. One of my enjoying bits was yesterday when I went for a walk and timed it to coincide with Elvis going for a walk. It was such great fun. Both of us would have preferred being off the lead and having a good chase, but we loved it just the same. He is always the ringleader in the trouble line. We mainly tied our mistresses up in knots with our leads and tried to trip them over, he really is a great role model for a puppy. It’s funny to say that you look up to a dog that is so much smaller than you are.


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