Wednesday 28th February 2007

Watching my mistress sort out all of her aunt’s affairs is making me think that perhaps I ought to make a will. It would be an awful shame to find my belongings didn’t go to the animals I wanted them to go to. I think I should leave my favourite toys to Elvis, particularly my squeaky pig. I might leave my bed to Mackensey and my frisby and rope toys to my sister Esther. I don’t suppose my mistress would appreciate it if I gave away ‘our’ computer. When I come to think of it I don’t have all that many possessions to leave but I suppose I might stand to inherit if anything happens to my mistress. I wonder if she would leave me her little car and enough money to pay someone to drive me round in it.

My mistress has had to go to England again today, this time for the funeral. We only came back on Monday it is getting very difficult to work out where we are. The crazy thing is that as she is her aunt’s executor she has to go to England for a fifteen minute interview with the Probate Registry so she has put that she wants it in Maidstone so that she can do it as a day trip! It seems an awful lot of trouble to have to go to given how little my mistress’s aunt actually had. I suppose if she is lucky it will coincide with the next trip she has to make to England anyway but the chances are she won’t be lucky, life never seems to work that way. She could do with one or two things working out conveniently at the moment. I’m worried she is going to make herself ill and then where will I be?


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