Wednesday 7th March 2007

This rain we have been having is all very well but we have hit a small problem. Our post is left in a post box at the end of the drive rather than dropped straight into the warm house. It wouldn’t have been too bad if the flap to the post box had closed. Instead all the rain decided to come in and join the post for a bit of a swim. We ended up with my poor mistress having to open all the post really carefully, separate all the pieces of paper and then put them on the radiators to dry before she could do anything with them. So she will be sending paperwork regarding her aunt’s death that looks as though it has been sitting in a gutter for a week or two. At least it all stayed in the right number of pieces so she didn’t do too bad a job. It is a good job nothing was delivered that would matter if the dye ran.

I am so looking forward to Friday and am doing the doggy equivalent of crossing my fingers. I’m not sure what the doggy equivalent is exactly but I will be doing it when I find out! My mistress has rearranged the visit to my mum and sister for Friday afternoon. I am so excited. There is no way another emergency could occur to stop me going this time. At least I sincerely hope there isn’t.

I have been doing some reading of a guide book to Berlin. Did you know that it costs €150 to have an annual licence to own a dog in Berlin. It is criminal. Being able to have a dog as your best friend should be a basic human right for all people regardless of wealth. I am going to add it to the list of demands of the PDDP.


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