Sunday 11th March 2007

What self respecting bloke spends his Saturday afternoon going to Ikea? That is before you even think about the fact that I’m a dog. So there we are, my mistress saying “let’s go to Ikea” and me saying “How about you go to Ikea and I go and play with my friends.” Somehow, she thought it would be fun for both of us to go, I think it was more that it would be more fun for her rather than me. Did we buy one of the rather fun dog beds? Did we buy another dog tail key rack? Did we buy any of their nice food? In all those cases the answer was no. We bought bed linen for humans and a shelf! Not even a whole bookcase, just a shelf. In fairness a whole bookcase would have meant coming home with the roof of the car down and the bookcase in my seat, so I suppose a shelf was as good as it was going to get. Maybe the dog protests too much. I do enjoy going out in the car. I sit up and watch the world go by. In fact my mistress wants to arrange a get together with other drivers of the same sort of car she has and if I am good I can go along as the passenger. There are some really great roads round by where my mum lives, they went all along by the side of the canals with trees all down one side. Apparently, they are only supposed to be used by local traffic and I don’t think anyone would be fooled into believing that many little sports cars lived on farms in that area. There weren’t very many passing places so it would be a bit difficult if you met a tractor coming the other way.


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