Sunday 25th March 2007

Apparently, it isn’t the done thing to pee on the parsley. It’s just a plant, what does it matter whether I pee on that one rather than another one? When my mistress explained that that one is for eating, I began to get the picture. May I just suggest that you do without parsley until it rains a few times! I suppose in the other hand that it would give it a distinctive flavour. I quite like our garden in England. It is a lot smaller that the one in Belgium, but it has lots of corners I can hide in and a fair few interesting smells. There are also dogs at the houses either side that I can snuffle under the fence with or howl at depending on what mood I am in.

At last I have got to see the Camberwick Green and Trumpton videos. I now understand where all the characters that my mistress is collecting come from. I started to get quite into it, getting excited and shouting out “oo look, there’s Mrs Dingle”. The firemen are definitely best but what I don’t understand is why they are all known by their surnames, even Pugh and Pugh, except for Barney Magrew. How come Barney Magrew got given two names. They could have had two separate firemen one called Barney and one called Magrew. I began to realise that the fact that my mistress once had a cat called Magrew might not be a coincidence. When I asked her, it turned out she had rescued two kittens that she called Cuthbert and Dibble, two of the other firemen. Then sadly Cuthbert died but Dibble led a full life including meeting a local Tom cat and producing Barney, Magrew and Grubb. Strangely none of the cats were given the name Pugh or for that matter Pugh.


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