Monday 2nd April 2007

Well dear reader it is a year ago today and yesterday that my master asked my mistress to marry him. Well it was a year ago yesterday but she told him as it was April Fool’s day he had better ask her again he following day. Fortunately, he didn’t change his mind and the rest, as they say, is history. Well it seems lounging about in bed is not completely a thing of the past and my mistress is having to do it at intervals with the inevitable help from me. Even my master has given up trying to convince anyone that the bed is not a place for ‘the dog’. He wonders why I follow my mistress everywhere rather than him and then describes me as ‘the dog’. I’ve got a name haven’t I? It is the same as my mistress objecting fairly early on in their marriage to being described as ‘the wife’, as she pointed out she is not an object and would prefer to have the word prefixed by ‘my’. If she can be ‘my wife’ why can’t I be ‘my dog’. Obviously not ‘my’ dog I can’t belong to myself but ‘my’ from my master’s point of view. Somehow I think that sentence may have got a bit confusing.

Well I really had better make the most of the quiet for the next couple of days, before the children arrive on Thursday. Then I have to deal with everyone wanting me to be ‘my dog’ and I won’t know where I am. I will have James calling me to come here and Andy telling me to sit. I have been pleading with my mistress to equip one of the cupboards with a bed and some emergency food rations so that I can go into hiding if the need arises. She says that isn’t fair, but I’m not absolutely sure who she is trying to be fair to.


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