Tuesday 24th April 2007

Well I’m driving to England again tomorrow. When I say I am driving, strictly speaking what I mean is I am falling asleep in the passenger seat and being driven. I realise there is a subtle difference but I will be dreaming that I am behind the wheel and actually driving. I see myself more as a rally driver than an ordinary motorway driver, I imagine I could do a very good hand brake turn. In fact I have been tempted to pull the handbrake on while my mistress is driving to see what happens. I can’t do that when we are in my master’s car as the ‘handbrake’ is actually pressed with a foot, so I can’t reach. My mistress thinks I don’t notice when she is in her own car and goes to do the wrong thing to either apply or remove the handbrake. Just because I’m a dog she doesn’t think I realise how stupid she is, but I’m not fooled. My master had to take me to the vet for my check up last night, as my mistress wasn’t around. It was so funny, he has never done it before and had to keep asking me which bits needed doing. Of course I am an old hand at it now and particularly after the time when we had to wait for a later crossing as my stamp wasn’t timed right, I really didn’t want him making any mistakes. I have to have a general health check which I won’t let the locum vet anywhere near me to do, the ordinary vet is fine, I like him. Then I have to be wormed and have my tick treatment. How many dogs do you know that get wormed every month! It is a nightmare. I don’t even get much chance to eat things I could get worms from!


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