Monday 14th May 2007

I ran out of space to say it yesterday but what is Eurovision all about? My mistress wanted to watch it on Saturday night, but I am now left with the question ‘why?’ Now in England there at five main television channels and it is on one of them. Here we have cable and there are about 30 television channels and no less than seven of them were showing the same programme. To be fair I could choose whether I wanted caustic remarks in English, Dutch, German or French, but the actual programme was the same. It turns out that the music is irrelevant and that countries vote for their friends. Sadly the United Kingdom has very few friends and whilst it seems many other areas count their neighbours as friends, with the exception of Ireland, not even our nearest neighbours bothered feeling sorry for us. I suppose the only gratifying thing is that half of the countries sing in English and the Turkish ‘belly dancers’ were in fact English. The fact that our song wasn’t much good may have had something to do with it, but that didn’t stop the other countries. As if that wasn’t bad enough what on earth was Santa Claus doing, taking time out of his busy schedule to appear on Eurovision? Ah well, it is over for another year, when the same pointless saga will be played out somewhere else and we can look forward to the French giving is ‘nul point’ as always!

On a brighter note we had a lovely walk along an ‘anti tank canal’ yesterday. I looked out for tanks the whole time but disappointed not to see any. I suppose that probably means they are working. As it is my mistress thinks I sometimes have a worried expression so perhaps it is as well that there weren’t any about.


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