Sunday 24th June 2007

It is probably a good job that I had such a fun start to the day on Friday, as the post brought all the birth and marriage certificates that my mistress had sent for so that she can carry on with the family tree. It has meant that I haven’t got much sense out of her this weekend. She will be engrossed in what she is doing, at least until she reaches some full stops again. It is funny seeing all the different surnames that come up in a family tree. My mistress thinks she might use one or two of the more imaginative ones as pseudonyms when she needs to. I think she means for her writing rather than because she is personally going undercover, but you can never be too sure. She is quite getting into writing crime stories, she might be thinking of doing some first hand research.

I would forgive her almost anything right now though as she has had a reply from Spencer’s brother, Tanner. He says he would like it if I went round to play with him sometime. I am so excited. I need to try not to nag my mistress, about when we can go, too much as she gets annoyed with me. I think I need to try the mournful, puppy dog eyes instead and see if that gets her to sort it out. It won’t be quite so bad when my master comes home tonight, at least I will then have two of them to play with me. It is always a bit sad when you go and get your rope and there is nobody to pull on the other end with you. Tug isn’t really a game you can play on your own, not without falling over anyway!


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