Sunday 1st July 2007

Well that is June over and done with. I wonder if July could be just a little bit drier? Last year July was really hot, but then it rained all through August. I would like it to be a bit more balanced this summer, preferably with all the rain being at night when I don’t want to go out and play. Although if it is too hot I don’t want to go out and play either. It is a shame we can’t order the weather we want.

I’m waiting for my mistress to ring me to tell me how her writing conference has gone. I’m just hoping it isn’t going to mean her spending even more hours writing than she has been doing. Oh it’s great that she never goes out. It means I get almost constant company, but when she isn’t actually writing she is talking to me about her ideas. I’m struggling to keep up. I am also somewhat concerned that she is getting very into writing the crime stories. I hope they don’t start getting gory, I don’t really like gory things! I’m not so good when she is discussing the poetry either, particularly if it is serious rather than funny. The worst of it is that she is sending so much work off to competitions and publishers that I know I shall have to be the shoulder to cry on when they all get rejected! I suppose there is always the chance that she might have a breakthrough at last. I had thought about pretending to be a publisher and writing her a nice letter, but she would only be more upset when she realised it is me. Being a writer really isn’t for the sensitive souls! But then no one ever accused my mistress of being sensitive.


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