Sunday 8th July 2007

I quite like some of the perks of my master being away. I do think their bed is more comfortable than mine, and when he isn’t on his side it seems a shame to let it go to waste. My mistress does object that I insist on sleeping snuggled right up to her, when so much of the bed is empty but as I say to her, I have no wish to be greedy. If I can prove I can sleep there and take up very little space I still nurse a vague hope that they may relent altogether and let me sleep on the bed when they are both in it.

Now I don’t mean to boast, but I will swear I saw some sunshine earlier. Not enough to get excited about but enough to think that summer may be lurking out there somewhere. It has hardly been the sort of weather to work on my tan, or even to sit outside and upset the rest of the wildlife by just sitting there. If the weather stays fine, I am being taken to the park this afternoon, which will make a change from menacing the local wildlife here. I am allowed in the restaurant there and if I’m lucky the nice man brings me my own biscuit too. It saves me having to beg for everyone else’s! My days of my mistress taking lots of dog treats as bribery in case I start misbehaving are long gone. I should have worked out that I would get more from being naughty than behaving myself. When I was a puppy I just assumed that if I was naughty I wouldn’t be allowed to go at all. There are upsides of being well behaved, complete strangers come and make a fuss of me and I always quite enjoy the attention.


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