Monday 9th July 2007

After moaning about my mistress increasing her circle of friends, what I forgot to tell you was I got a surprise visit from two of mine on Saturday. My mistress had just sat down to have lunch and I had sat down to beg, when the doorbell rang. To be honest I was glad of the interruption as my mistress wasn’t in a very good mood and I didn’t fancy my chances of her sharing her lunch with me. There is nothing worse than spending half an hour drooling without good reason. Anyway, I trotted to the door as usual. It is my job to check if anyone needs barking at. To be honest I usually save the barking for people who are going by without bothering to call in to see me. When my mistress opened the door, there were Spencer and Chester. Chester is a twelve week old chocolate Labrador. He is funny, because he is still at the wobbly uncoordinated stage. I had a lovely half hour playing with them whilst my mistress ate her lunch. Chester did try jumping into her lunch but he’s still cute so he was forgiven. The only disappointment was that with Spencer and Chester being fairly close in age they were better matched to each other playing tug, than they were to me. I tried suggesting they both got the same end of the rope but we all ended up in a pile on the grass. I think I proved that I can be really gentle in playing with a very young puppy, just in case there is any chance of my mistress getting me one of my own. She is more concerned about having to clean up after it but I keep reminding her how good I was, and promising to train any additions that she might find.


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