Friday 13th July 2007

It is a good job I am not a superstitious dog, as I would probably insist on staying in bed today. Actually, thinking about it like that it might even be worth becoming superstitious. I wonder if my master has considered the possibilities.

You may wonder why I haven’t mentioned writing my Woodland Stories recently, well my mistress has asked me to set that aside for a while and try and knock my diary into shape for publication. “What!” I said. “I thought this was my private dairy. There are things I have written in here that were never intended for publication. I can’t have the whole world knowing my weaknesses.” Selfishly she said she was more concerned about them knowing her weaknesses and that was why she wanted me to edit it before publication. Oh dear, I have no idea what to leave in and what to take out. Am I now destined for fame and fortune, in which case it might all be worth it, or am I just going to expose my soul to a cruel world? My master is a bit concerned about the things I say about him, but I reassured him that he won’t come out of it looking any worse than my mistress. He was happy with that until he went away and thought about it and realised that was no guarantee of appearing in a good light. I have also been wondering in case it gets accepted for publication, how should I do my signature for book signings? Should it be just a standard paw print? Should it be a paw print with a flourish, or should it be my whole name? I think my whole name and a paw print would be going too far, it would take to long to get through the queue of adoring fans and I was rather hoping they would have time to fuss and pet me. Maybe my mistress could sign on my behalf while I get adored!


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