Wednesday 18th July 2007

My mistress needs something to wear to go to a wedding in a couple of weeks. I said couldn’t she wear the dress she wore to her own wedding last year, she’s only worn it the once. She tried explaining that it was the wrong sort of dress. My master made the mistake of saying he wondered if she could still get into it which started a bit of a ‘are you saying you think I have put weight on’ sort of discussion. I’m just the dog, but even I know not to make comments like that, even if he was only joking. He really is asking for trouble with his jokes.

I overcame the hiccough of Word not wanting to point out any spelling and grammar mistakes by starting a new file. It is so easy to confuse a computer. It is now happily back to complaining about everything I write.

Well today is the day for my new car to arrive. I have got my blanket ready to put on the front seat to stake my claim. My little seatbelt is ready to be plugged in. I’ve never had a new car before, it is very exciting. I wonder if it will have my name on the documents. It would be nice to see it in black and white ‘owner – Alfie Dog’. I hope I am going to be taken out in it today and don’t just have to look at it. I wonder whether I am going to collect it with them. Ideally, I would like to drive it, but I don’t suppose there is any chance of that. With the problems of reaching the pedals, it probably wouldn’t be just the vegetable rack that was at risk.


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