Tuesday 24th July 2007

My mistress has found an internet site where she can get people to review her writing in exchange for her reviewing other people’s work. The last two pieces she has come away from, she has said that the men found it difficult to write authentic sounding women. Then when my master was going away yesterday he was saying goodbye to her and was struggling to find the right words, to which she replied, “at least you manage to sound like an authentic man”. Fortunately, he found it funny. It has made her wonder whether her male characters work. I said, “that isn’t the bit I’d worry about. It is your women that seem strange!” She didn’t seem to appreciate that.

How do teenagers get away with staying in bed for half the day? I would never be allowed to stay in bed as long as they do. One of the them is quite fussy over food. She will eat ‘junk food and anything with a cartoon character on it.’ However, given we are in Belgium, her other requirement is a little harder, she won’t eat anything with ‘foreign words on the packet’. I tried arguing that here Flemish and French aren’t foreign, but that didn’t seem to be what she meant. I suppose it is not that different when my mistress buys things in England so that they come with the instructions in English. It is never easy to understand how a new gadget works, without having to contend with Dutch instructions into the bargain. Maybe it is time she took learning the language a bit more seriously.

Sadly since the girls arrived, the sun seems to have gone into hiding, but more positively, the moles seem to be having a few days off from digging too, so it can’t all be bad.


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