Saturday 4th August 2007

I need to make the most of having a run round this morning as my first attempts at yoga will be this afternoon with all the suitcases. My master and mistress have promised to stop every hour for me to get out for a walk round and I intend to hold them to that. At least sitting where I will be, I shall be able to catch my mistress’s eye in the mirror and look all pathetic. I know she won’t be able to resist me. What a day really. First I have to travel in the hold, as though I am baggage and then when I get to my other grandparents I shall have to sleep in the garage. At least if it is dry I shall be able to sit outside in the garden for a while when I arrive, although the smell of Misskin and Bertie will no doubt drive me quite wild. Maybe I can persuade my mistress to sit outside with me, after all I am doing it all for her.

I’ve already been told I can’t have muddy paws in the new car or any sticky sweets. That is all very well but you try telling three children they can’t have sticky sweets on a long journey, it is part of the fun of it. That and leaving litter everywhere and I don’t suppose that is going to go down too well. We are also going to have a right royal battle over music. Not just the usual one because no one likes what anyone else likes, but because it is a single cd player, so every time somebody wants something else on the cd will have to be taken out. I know what my master is in the front passenger seat, he is going to get annoyed with that one. I also object to the fact they have half hour turns on who chooses the music, but nobody thinks I count in the choices. There is no half hour slot for Alfie Dog, oh no I just have to put up with whatever they choose.


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