Friday 10th August 2007

I have been wondering how my mistress is doing. I hope she is ok. I know in my heart, she would always rather have me there than have to go without me. I don’t think I would cope with the heat in Greece anyway, it is no fun having a black coat on when it is 40 degrees centigrade.

I have been reading one of my mistress’s books and have understood the whole horse, donkey, mule thing. I had never really understood what a mule was. It’s just a bit like a donkey and a bit like a horse. It turns out that it is a cross between the two of them and what’s more it can’t have any little mules of its own. It is all very logical when you start to understand that a little mule would need to get half it’s chromosomes from its mum and half from its dad. Well a parent passes on half the number they have themselves and a mule has an odd number so it can’t do half. It sounds a bit complicated now I come to write it down but it made sense when I read it, it all has to do with a donkey having a different number than a horse, though they both have even numbers. So the poor little mule ends up with an odd number. Here I am with the right number of chromosomes to make a puppy but without the requisite working parts to allow it to happen. This not being able to have your own children thing is very difficult for lots of us animals. At least for me it was on health grounds, so I don’t have to accuse my owners of having me operated on for their own convenience.


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