Friday 31st August 2007

It’s official – they’re weird. Apart from the cow hide rug it seems my master has bought my mistress a table for her birthday. Not just any old table, although strictly speaking it is any ‘old’ table as the shop had had it for fifteen years and was selling it odd. My mistress is now the proud owner of a table that she has called Nicole. Now if you have been reading my diary for a while the name Nicole may ring a bell with you. Nicole was the squirrel in my woodland stories. Well the table is a brass squirrel climbing up a (fake) piece of tree trunk to get to some brass acorns. It has a glass top so that you can see the squirrel properly. I didn’t understand the squirrel was brass at first, so I got under the glass to have a good sniff. It was only when I came out and gently said to my mistress “you do know it isn’t real” that she explained it wasn’t meant to be. An easy mistake to make on my part.

The best bit of my week was us all going to bed to watch a film. To be fair I wasn’t so much watching as snuggled up in between them snoring, but there is nowhere I would rather be. Apparently, there was only one brief scene with a dog so I didn’t miss much. Now the house feels very empty and quiet as my master has gone to England and there is only my mistress and me left at home. If nothing else I will be spoilt rotten for a couple of days and get to sleep on the bed at night, as long as I remember to stick to my own side and don’t push my mistress out whilst trying to cuddle up I shall be fine.


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