Wednesday 5th September 2007

What is the point in buying a new pair of glasses if you are then going to spend most of your time wearing the old ones? Firstly my mistress claimed that she couldn’t see quite right out of them, so the optician moved the lenses down because they sit on a different bit of her nose. My master said we should have moved my mistress’s ears but to be honest I think that would have been too easy. Then she still couldn’t see quite correctly out of the right lens and the optician bent them so that they wrapped round her face slightly. This seemed to do the trick although one again a small adjustment to the right ear might have served the same purpose. Now she isn’t quite sure about them because they make her look different and in this instance different does not necessarily equal good. Apparently, she thinks she looks stern in them when she has her hair down. The rest of us simply think she looks stern regardless of either her glasses or hair but just haven’t the heart to tell her. I know she is a big softy, but there are plenty of people who find her a bit scary. Maybe she should not only adjust her ears, but dye her hair something other than its natural red colour. After all it is the main reason people start with an assumption that she is scary. I wonder if red setters have the same problem. I think they have the reputation of being just plain nutty, so maybe they aren’t so different after all. It wasn’t a good day for her yesterday when her internet phone was making her sound like a ‘Dalek’ to people on the other end. One did very kindly say ‘a nice Dalek’ but a Dalek none the less!


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