Wednesday 12th September 2007

Well we are all packed up and ready to roll. It is a shame we have to go to England first, it meant I had to have my health check with the vet. I don’t need to do that just for France. Although this is the start of my holiday, part of the reason we are going to England first is because my mistress is doing a proper day of work tomorrow. I suppose it does her good, once in a while to have to dress in something other than jeans and remember what the real world is like. The reason I am all in favour of it, is that it helps her to remember how lucky she is to be able to work from home with me by her side, that way I get appreciated more and there is less chance of her deciding to get a proper job on a permanent basis. The other reason we have come to England is because it is James’s birthday, if I’ve worked it out right then in my dog years I am about the same age as him, so I am just hoping he gets some presents that a dog will appreciate. He has asked to go ‘quad biking’ as a treat. I have been asking if I am going, but all I am getting in reply at the moment is that I wouldn’t reach the pedals. I wonder if I will get a ‘treat’ for my birthday and come to that where I will choose to go if I do. James gets to invite a small number of his friends, so I am wondering if I might be able to do something including Elvis, Spencer and Mackensey. The other thing I would really like to do is see my brother and sisters and my mum, I wonder if that might be possible if I asked nicely.


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