Thursday 13th September 2007

The first real day of my holiday and I’m abandoned. My master is at work somewhere in Europe, (I have difficulty remembering quite where he is on a day to day basis) and my mistress is in Birmingham. To be fair ‘somewhere in Europe’ sounds more glamorous but I guess it could be used to describe Birmingham too, so maybe where my master is isn’t as much fun as I tend to imagine. I suppose if I think about the fact it is an oil refinery he is visiting and not a beautiful city then Birmingham would in fact be more exciting. I am worried about my mistress working in Birmingham as she is at the National Indoor Arena and if my memory serves me right, the last time she went there she came back with her heart set on buying a gingerbread man sculpture. I do like the sculpture but if she keeps buying things like that we will have to move to a bigger house. I tried to make her promise not to go and look round the art gallery, but she refused to agree to my terms. It was for her own good. Some people are just so ungrateful.

Anyway, back to the fact that I have been abandoned. To be quite honest, if I have to be abandoned there is nowhere I would rather be than at my grandparents with them tending to my every need. “Granny, can you just scratch my back please?” “Granddad, would you rub my tummy please?” “Granny, I’ve got this great ball that I’d like you to throw for me.” Then we all fall asleep together completely worn out. The only thing that stops the whole thing being perfect is that I am not allowed on the settee to fall asleep next to granny. If I want comfort I have to go upstairs to my mistress’s bed.

It’s a dog’s life!



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