Friday 26th October 2007

After another day painting with James I can honestly say I am a ‘dab paw’ at DIY. I am a ‘dab’ tail, ear and back leg as well. They are now tri-colour with added blue and yellow. I haven’t managed to get near the lilac yet but it is only a matter of time.

After being sick the other day I was coughing whenever I over exerted myself. On the whole that involved a rather nice rubber chicken my mistress bought me and a lot of growling. She threatened me with a visit to the vet. I asked ‘if I don’t cough any more, do I still have to go to the vet?’ She has said not at the moment. Tough as it is I am leaving rubber chicken alone for a while to see if I can not cough. Life isn’t all bad. The duvet here is the most comfortable one I have ever found. It is like climbing into a whole basket of cotton wool, which I am more than happy to spend a few hours doing. It’s a sacrifice but I think it’s only fair that I make it.

I haven’t made any new friends here in England yet but then we aren’t going to be living round here so I don’t suppose there is much point. Of course there was the man at the toll road and the one in the petrol station but they probably wouldn’t want to roll around in the mud with me. The one in the petrol station gave me something to tell my master to make him jealous, as he drove an Aston Martin. My mistress had gone inside to pay for our fuel and when she came back to the car I was deep in conversation with him. I always go in deep if someone tells me I’m lovely.


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