Friday 2nd November 2007

What a week. We now seem to have finished with strange men coming round the house. I was wondering if I should tell my master that my mistress is in the process of selling the house, but she says he already knows. I hope he does. It would be dreadful if she did it without telling him. We have also managed yet another trip to the dentist. Or at least will have done after this morning. I hope my teeth aren’t as much of a problem when I get to my mistress’s age.

I have been begging to go back to the vet. A strange thing for a dog to do I know, but if I can prove that I have lost some weight, I might get some snacks that are more exciting than carrot. My mistress has promised that if I don’t steal any cookies or rifle through the bin over the weekend, then we can go on Monday and see how I am doing. Monday seems an awfully long way away.

What I didn’t explain is that we stayed at my grandparents last night. It was good to see them, although the message about the diet seems to have travelled ahead of me, which is a major disappointment. No scraps for me then. To add insult to injury we are going home via my mistress visiting some of her friends so that she can go out for lunch. Oh don’t mind me then! I’m just a dog, I don’t mind sitting in the car because I can’t come into an English restaurant. “I will behave if you bring me back a corner of your steak and a couple of chips,” I said. Apparently, I am expected to behave even without the steak and chips or I won’t get weighed on Monday. That just isn’t fair.


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