Tuesday 13th November 2007

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Alfie, happy birthday to me. Can I open my presents now? Not that they were wrapped. I have a new tug toy and a special water bottle to take on walks to stop me drinking from the puddles. I don’t know why my mistress is trying to stop me drinking from the puddles but it seems she thinks clean water is better for me, less tasty, but better for me.

It is good to be home, although the moles have tried to take over in my absence. They have moved in on Matilda and Tigger too. It’s about time we had a concerted effort to stop them. The other problem that has occurred whilst we were away, was that the central heating has broken down again. When we got back on Sunday the house was all of 12 degrees and still was by the time we went to bed. At least there were no arguments about me getting to snuggle up in bed, I was positively asked to stay as close as possible. Monday was a holiday here in Belgium but the very nice plumber man came to try and make it all better. It is a bit difficult when you have one small electric heater and one big house. I voted for a log fire but the problem with having an asthmatic for a mistress was that she said we could only have one if I lit it. Doh. Have you ever seen a dog managing to strike a match. It would definitely have involved singed whiskers and there is a limit beyond which I will not go! It is a good job we’ve got my master, even if he isn’t always here at the times we need him. I wonder if he has got me a birthday present as well.


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