Sunday 18th November 2007

I forgot to wish my grandpa a happy 82nd birthday yesterday. That would be awfully old in dog years. I make him about 574 in dog years, which is a mighty lot of years.  Of course, he is my human grandpa so I suppose it isn’t so bad. Granny wants to know where he will be taking her for her 82nd birthday as she has taken him to Paris for his. I wonder where he will want to go when he is 89? Perhaps they could remember to make it somewhere that an older dog can go too as I will be 9 by then and that would make me about the same as them in dog terms.

My mistress prides herself on her ability to sort travel bookings efficiently. That just makes it all the more fun to point out when she has been stupid. To get to Paris she thought she was being clever getting the train from Lille. It takes an hour by train from there but two hours driving to get to Lille. She thought it was clever because the alternative would be to go via Brussels and travelling to Brussels, changing train and then travelling to Paris would take longer. What she didn’t think to do was to check if there was a train direct from Antwerp to Paris, which there is and which only takes about two hours in total. There is a lesson in there somewhere but to be honest I haven’t the courage to point it out to her! It is always wise to consult your dog before making any important decisions, you just never know when he is going to know more about it than you do. We have our own networks of contacts that keep us informed, we aren’t just dumb animals you know.


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