13.00 Sunday – a weigh in update

A wonderful family

Everyone except Aristotle has now passed my birth weight. Arnold still tops the table at 622g but both Adrienne and Amigo are in the 590s. Alan hasn’t put on so much since yesterday, but then he had put on a lot yesterday! Avril has put on a brilliant 58g since yesterday and is now up to 520g and Annette is right up at 568g. That leaves our darling little Aristotle.

Aristotle asleep on the job

He still only weighs 468g, which means he has out on 28g since yesterday, but he really needs to be putting on more than that. He needs all the support of his fan club behind him. ‘Go Aristotle’. We all want you to do well.

There are some things which go a little bit wrong when my Mistress is preoccupied. She did an on-line Tesco’s shop and they did not have the bananas we usually have so she ordered 5 of a different type. Except as you will see, she accidentally ordered 5 packets of 8 bananas and we now have a banana mountain. We are now in a position to barter. Would anyone like to swap any old broadsheet newspapers for bananas?

The banana mountain

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  1. Oh I’m so jealous – bananas are my absolute favourite fruit in the whole world! It is the only thing I’ve ever begged for! :o)

    If you have Kong toys, try and stuff them with bananas and a little peanut butter – and you’ll soon get through them all 🙂

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