13.00 Wednesday – Good news at the weigh in

It is so exciting. We are going to be in the newspaper. Well to be fair, it is the puppies that will be in, rather than me. A photographer is being sent especially to take their picture. I’ve told my Mistress she really ought to get changed from her pyjamas before he gets here, but he isn’t coming until later this afternoon.

Growing fast

Today’s weigh in has been exciting too as it seems we have made some real progress since yesterday. 750g has always been the figure in my Mistress’s head when she will stop worrying that there is a big risk of Shadow crushing a puppy accidentally. Normally that would be at 5 or 6 days old, but as our puppies were so small it has taken rather longer. Arnold and Adrienne have passed the magic number and Amigo is on it exactly. Alan and Annette are both 734g, so should pass the marker tomorrow. That leaves Avril and Aristotle. Avril has put on another 28g and is now 624g, while Aristotle has had by far his best day and put on an amazing 58g. Unbelievably he is now up to 568g and gaining fast on Avril. If he keeps this up he might even grow to be a big strapping dog just like his Uncle Alfie. The end of sleeping on a mattress in the utility may well be in sight for my Mistress. That is of course my objective as I miss getting into bed with her in a morning.

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