Friday 30th September – Here’s looking at you, pup.

We have our first open eye. Little Avril opened an eye yesterday and appropriately, the first person she saw was Avril. It must be funny going round with one eye open for the first time and trying to focus on all the new thing around you. I Can’t remember that far back. The bigger ones are trying to walk.

learning to walk

You can just about see on the photo as they try to take all their weight on their little legs as they move along. It isn’t going to be long before they are positively running round. All their little noses are starting to go black too.

little black nose

My Mistress is off to the hospital to have her plaster cast removed. She is just hoping that after looking at her hand they don’ decide to put another one on. It will be good to have her able bodied again.

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2 Responses to Friday 30th September – Here’s looking at you, pup.

  1. Awww As soon as the littles ones start running around Shadow will will really have her paws full! I wonder who will be the most mischievous pup? I bet one of the smaller ones! 🙂

  2. I love the one of them learning to walk. Those cute little legs…

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