Monday 10th October 2011 – Come on Aristotle

Happy 3 week birthday puppies.

Last Night the puppies actually slept for longer periods. If it hadn’t been for Aristotle struggling to get enough to eat when they did wake up, my Mistress would have had quite a good night. As it turned out she had to sit with Aristotle feeding from Shadow after Shadow had got out and given up on the others, so she was up for rather longer than she would have liked. On the next stint they slept for nearly 4 hours in one go. Either that or my Mistress is now immune to their crying, but to be fair they didn’t all seem to be awake when she did get up to them. Aristotle cried for ages though, so there wasn’t much hope of sleep. She gave him time on his own first at the next feed, so hopefully he’s now a happy puppy.

Today the puppies will have their first dose of wormer. Sorry puppies, this is the way it goes for us dogs. I know it isn’t nice and it isn’t fair, but I guess it is better than the alternative.

What I have been forgetting to tell you, with all the other excitement is that I had my first repayment from the ‘Lending with Care’ organisation. I am delighted to report that Bun Han Threnh, the man in Cambodia that we are helping set up his business is doing well and has made his first repayment on time. It really is a great scheme and need cost you nothing in the long run. Find out more by following the ‘Lending with Care’ link on the right hand side.

You can see today’s video here.

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