Monday update and Avril

We have all been treading softly around my Mistress today. She is very tired. Poor Shadow just hasn’t got enough milk for everyone so there is a lot of help of formula milk and puppy mush going on. Over the last 24 hours the puppies haven’t gained much weight so we are now trying a new approach of getting them to eat some puppy mush before Shadow gets in with them. At least they are still gaining and it is time for them to start eating more puppy food, so hopefully they will be happy with the arrangement.

Megan hurt her paw while out running yesterday. It’s nothing serious but she has to sit and twiddle her paws for the next couple of days while it heals. She is not impressed. She’s always ok the first day of not exercising but I’m expecting her to be crotchety tomorrow.

Avril day 22

Little Avril is doing well. She is still ahead of Aristotle by 20g but somehow looks bigger. She now weighs 1150g and has come a long way in her 3 weeks. She’s a very sweet little thing and I think takes after her mother. She likes to lie on the top of the pile when they go to sleep and sometimes simply marches over her brothers and sisters until she finds the best spot.

Avril sticks her tongue out at the camera

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