Tuesday update and Amigo

It’s funny lining up homes for the puppies and discussing which one will best fit which situation. Some homes have children some don’t. Some people want to consider breeding and others don’t. I just want them all to have people who will love and cuddle them.

The weigh in was interesting and the new approach of mush before milk is definitely helping with some of them. Arnold put on an amazing 110g putting him back into the lead. Amigo and Alan both gained 80g and Annetter gained 60g. Adrienne and Avril are going to need a helping paw. Avril gained 30g and Adrienne didn’t gain any yesterday. You may think I’ve missed ‘little Aristotle’ but the fact is he’s not so little anymore. He has been chomping away at puppy mush and put on 90g. He is no longer smallest. He is now 1220g, which is 40g more than Avril and only 60g behind Adrienne. He’s not so easy to spot anymore. Which is great for him but will completely ruin my bid to keep him as a pocket sized pet.

Amigo is just great. At 1440g he is looking a very happy healthy chap. He was not too keen to be given wormer, but in his defence when I explained the alternative he thought it was a good idea. When he’s awake he’s willing to try leading a mountaineering expedition to climb out of the whelping box even when the whole side is on. He says he can’t wait to be allowed to play in the puppy pen, but that will be another couple of days yet. It’s a bit more draughty up there so my Mistress wants to make sure they are all ready for it.

Amigo's all you can eat buffet

I could only take his photo eating as he turned teatime into an all you can eat buffet and chomped his way through whatever was on offer.

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  1. I love how you’ve captured Shadow’s nose – supervising the whole meal! 🙂

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