Thursday 13th October 2011 – Waking up to breakfast

This is the last video of the puppies in the whelping box. They are going to start having stints in the playpen, so it I thought it might be more fun to take some videos of them up there. They did go in yesterday, just for an hour to have a look. Today they are going up after their lunchtime feed and before their late afternoon feed. They may spend much of the time asleep but we shall see.

I have called today’s video ‘Waking up to breakfast’ you can see it here.

The wormer has given most of them a slightly upset stomach. It makes clearing up all the more fun! Hopefully once it is through their systems in a day or two things will return to normal. We do seem to have got them so my Mistress only has to get up twice in the night. She’s aiming to reduce that in a few days. The puppy mush has made a big difference and Shadow is a lot happier about it too. She will even stay in with them for a while when they’ve finished feeding rather than rushing to get away from them all.

Megan and I love spending time around the puppies. We just watch them. It’s the quietest I see Megan. She just sits and watches without a murmur. What’s exciting today is that my human maternal grandparents are coming to meet them all, so little Alan will finally meet the person he’s named after. I wonder if Arnold will ever get to meet the man he is named after in Switzerland.

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