Thursday update Adrienne – and Alan gets in on the act

It has been suggested by one of my Mistress’s very dear friends that all this talk about weights will give the puppies a complex. That of course presupposes that being brought up by my Mistress hasn’t already done that! All I will say is that despite upset tummies from the wormer they have all gone in the right direction. I won’t even tell you who is the largest and who is the smallest. You’ll just have to guess for today anyway!

Welcome to the nursery

Moving everyone into the playpen for the afternoon gave my Mistress a really good chance to clean in the utility and more to the point get some windows open to air the place as it was developing quite an odour. The puppies slept through being moved and then later woke to find themselves surrounded by toys. We all sat round watching them. It was great.

trying the heartbeat cushion

The puppies are beginning to have little teeth coming through. It really can’t be much fun for Shadow.

I know it’s Adrienne’s day and she is doing fine, but she was asleep when I got round to taking photos and I thought instead I would bring you the moment when Little Alan met his

Alan meets Alan


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2 Responses to Thursday update Adrienne – and Alan gets in on the act

  1. OMG – they are getting cuter by the day. I want one :o)

  2. LizB says:

    Aaaww, that’s interesting to see how small Alan is when next to human Alan.

    I should disregard that dear friend of yours. After all, they are getting a lot of love. You can always bolster their confidence in other areas by commenting on how their cute noses smell and how enthusiastically they can wag their tails, that sort of thing.

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