Friday 14th October – Sleeping late and Arnold

Just to confuse my Mistress the puppies seem to be making their own decisions on when to change the times of their night feeds. It’s all very confusing. No sooner had she got them to every four hours than they actually started sleeping for longer. So last night they did two stints of 5 hours. It will be interesting to see what their daytime demands are now.

I’ll have to do the video posting later as the camera is now by the playpen rather than the whelping box. You will have to make to with a photo for now and then I’ll do an update with a video after the weigh in. I might even mention what weights they are if you are really lucky.

Arnold 3 1/2 weeks old

Arnold and Amigo are the two we would love to see kept as stud dogs. So far there is only one family thinking of keeping one other than as a pet, so it looks as though Amigo will miss out on the fun and that one day our Arnold will get to be a father of a litters of his own. Although he was the biggest at birth by 34g (ahead of Adrienne) and was 48g heavier than Amigo, Amigo took to puppy mush a little faster and now Arnold at 1540g yesterday was 80g lighter than Amigo. When you think of that in the scheme of anything up to 28 to 30kg as differences go it’s nothing and probably represents now more than could be covered by stealing some of the Sunday joint before you get caught. (I will of course be providing the puppies with one or two training sessions in such important matters before they go to their new homes – Megan is going to do the demonstrations as my able assistant and the one who is most often to be found with her paws on the worksurface). Anyway, so we think we know where Arnold will live. They are lovely people and I know he’ll be happy, although I didn’t think to check that they would have a Sunday joint for him to steal. I think my Mistress is planning to confirm to people by the end of next week which puppy they will be having, when they are about five weeks old.

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