Saturday 15th October 2011 – Christmas is coming

All this being stuck at home and not being able to get on with anything in particular has led to some very funny results. My Mistress has, for the first time in her life, started her online Christmas shopping in October and in fact some of the presents have arrived already. What makes it funny is that yesterday my granny and granddad went out for the day and while they were out granddad bought granny’s Christmas present. Also while they were out, my Mistress ordered my granny’s Christmas present. Granny had not said anything about what she wanted and yet, amazingly they both bought her exactly the same thing. It has a happy ending as my Granny is going to buy the one my Mistress has ordered and give it to my Mistress instead, so everyone is happy!

The puppies are a calculating bunch. My Mistress had aired the utility so that it was all fresh and nice smelling, before she moved the puppies back in there this afternoon for their feed and sleep. Unfortunately, between her leaving them for a couple of hours and coming back for the final feed before bed, so many of them had pooed that the sweet smelling room had become more than a little rank! She got used to it after a while and having cleared up after the little monsters things did improve. What she was pleased about was that the timings meant that they only wanted one night feed, giving her the most unbroken night’s sleep she has had for a while. Which given that she needed to get up early to go for her flu jab, was appreciated.

long suffering mum

This morning’s photo is long suffering mum refusing to lie down to make it easy for the puppies to suckle. This litter are going to have very stong back legs and be walking 2 legged before you know it.

Video updates and a profile of Annette will follow later.

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